Since it’s my senior year, I have to be more frugal with my spending. (Like a good asian) Saving up is a bitch but so is going to college broke. I’ve been saving up like crazy so I am allowing myself to splurge every two months.  It will prevent me from wanting to online shop every hour and or end up in a shopaholics anonymous meeting.. So new school year means new school supplies.. makes sense right? So instead of the usual Jansport or “following the hype” Herschel, I decided to spoil myself and get a backpack from one of my favorite stores. 

My September splurge was a Deena & Ozzy Heavy Studded Backpack from Urban Outfitters. My first impression was that it it was exactly my taste and style. It’s probably the most bad ass looking backpack I have.. & softest if you see past the pointed studs and spikes. The material is actually faux leather so I think I purchased it for a reasonable price. All in all though I give it a  9/10. The only reason its not a full 10 is because I basically carry around it like a toddler, letting it rest on my lap at all times when I’m not wearing it on my back. I’m afraid it will get dirty because of the creme color. My fault when I failed to realize after the fact, but I will definitely get the black version too. Maybe make it my usual and the white one for outings only? Just a thought. Or maybe not. :)

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